Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO)

TSMO (Transportation Systems Management and Operations) is designed with the purpose of improving efficiency, reliability, and options when it comes to transportation solutions.

It is supported by the U.S. Department of Transportation Organizing and Planning for Operations Programs. While there are many models when it comes to TSMO, typically they include the following elements: strategic, programmatic, and tactical. As a consultant, Ludian would help implement TSMO into organizations and programs. 

strategic management

Strategic Management 

TSMO at its core is a set of strategies to improve operations and transportation organizational processes. Ludian’s expertise allows us to asses any situation and develop an achievable path to success. 

asset management planning

Asset Management Planning 

Maximizing your assets is a key component of TSMO. Ludian helps organizations assess the most appropriate strategy for maximizing asset lifecycle. 

operations management

Operations Management

Understanding the flows of your organization is a key element of implementing TSMO processes. Ludian can research and identify potential internal roadblocks and create solutions on how to get the most out of any project. 

transportation systems management

Transportation Systems Management

Ludian models and maximizes transportation strategies to make organizations improve on safety and efficiency. We work hand in hand with your organization to integrate technology, where appropriate, and best practices to administer comprehensive transit solutions. 



Optimizing communication paths between departments will create more efficient processes and reduce unnecessary costs and lost time. Ludian will collaborate with organizations to streamline their internal and external communications and ultimately improve efficiency.  

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