About Us

Ludian is a global consulting agency with representatives and partners in countries around the world. We are a group of transportation experts who help others find custom processes and outcomes to their transportation challenges.

What does intelligence in mobility mean?

It means that we improve the way the world travels with progressive technology and intelligent tools. Intelligent mobility is the basis of everything we do at Ludian. We have spent 30+ years working in transportation technology, and we now use our experience to help others grow their businesses, find solutions, and implement relevant technology.

Our CEO and president Ian Machen and his team have experience in both consulting and operations, which brings a wide variety of backgrounds and insight into our work. Ludian’s expertise spans through road, rail, and air, across the United States, and around the globe. Please contact us if you are interested in working together.

Meet Ian Machen

Ian is highly respected within the transportation industry and has a track record of delivering in complex and challenging environments. His 30+ years of experience has given him exceptional insights into all aspects of transportation and technology.

His previous experience includes a global role in rail in both high-speed and underground, intelligent transport systems, intelligent mobility, and smart city areas. He has worked with public and private groups to create the requirements and tools needed to meet tomorrow’s challenges today. His experience with several technology providers and transportation operators has equipped him with the knowledge and skillsets necessary to provide and deliver solutions to meet challenges. 

When Ian is not with his family, he enjoys savoring craft lager at the local pub.