Roadway solutions for both today and tomorrow.

New technology has advanced road travel dramatically in the last few years. You need a guide that knows the industry and can help you navigate the new advancements that are changing the future of travel.

The rise of mobility as a service is one of those technologies that has changed and will continue to change the way we travel. Road travel is becoming more viable for much of the population because of MaaS, and the entire transportation industry is finding a way to adapt to this.

Along with the growth of MaaS, roadway travel has seen a huge rise in electric vehicles in recent years. Those advancements require an infrastructure of charging stations and smart parking solutions that we can help you evaluate and manage.

The use of autonomous vehicles creates more data in a day than we used to generate in months.

How are you handling and processing that data? Our team can set up a system that will simplify your data and make it easier to use your data to make important decisions.

Ludian offers services for every type of roadway transportation problem you may have. From policies around autonomous vehicles to traffic management center training, we can help.

Here are a few of our many roadway specialties. Click on each to learn more.

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