Electric Vehicles

Sustainability and environmental protection have become a focal point of building smart cities and introducing advanced transportation. Understanding how to set up an environment for success and innovation are key offerings of Ludian. We can help your organization be a hotbed for sustainable transportation growth. 

electric vehicles

EV Charging Stations

An important component of bringing electric vehicles and electric vehicle suppliers into a community is having adequate charging stations. Ludian works with several providers to introduce you to the right partner to satisfy your community’s needs. 

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Strategic Planning

When entering a new market or attracting existing electric OEM’s to your market, it’s important to have a plan in place. Utilize Ludian’s network of experienced professionals to pull knowledge from other sites and build the perfect plan for your organization. 

policy and legislation

Policy and Legislation

Depending on the state or country, adhering to local legislation or policy could be a barrier to entry and cost tremendous capital. Ludian’s vast understanding of current regulations and procedures can help you navigate this process seamlessly and efficiently. 

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Specifications and Standards

Before beginning a bid or market launch, having a key understanding of the specifications and standards could save your organization time and capital. Ludian’s team has in depth knowledge and resources to ensure your project is on point and adheres to guidelines. 

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Technology Innovation

Ludian’s experts are entrenched in the transportation industry, advising your team on key industry innovations and the pains to avoid. 

Is your organization looking for the next technological development or adaptation?  

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