Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

With more and more organizations adopting connected and autonomous vehicles, understanding the value and potential blockages has become a major concern and progress blocker. Ludian is adept at understanding the logistics of connected and autonomous transportation and can develop strategies to maximize your data.

intelligent transportation

Policy and Legislation

Depending on the state or country, adhering to local legislation or policy could be a barrier to entry and cost tremendous capital. Ludian’s vast understanding of current regulations and procedures can help you navigate this process seamlessly and efficiently. 

connected intelligent transportation

Pilot Program Accelerator

Through Ludian’s connections and partnerships, transportation technology suppliers can accelerate the proof of concept (POC) process and connect organizations with relevant opportunities to streamline their product or service.

connected and autonomous vehicles

New Market Integration

Ludian has built a network of relevant partners to guide agencies and suppliers to return on investment. Whether this includes entering a foreign market or solidifying your current one, Ludian has the tools and expertise to create a path to success.

Implementation Strategy

Launching autonomous solutions in any environment is not turnkey. Each market brings its own set of challenges and obstacles. Ludian works as the bridge between the vehicle providers and the end users to educate on the utilization of systems, staff, and operations to safely and successfully implement autonomous solutions. 


Building out the team, software, and hardware when introducing autonomous and connected vehicles can take trial and error, which could be a lengthy process. You can rely on Ludian’s experience to simplify that process and get your organization what you need before you know that you need it. 

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