Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions 

As the world becomes a larger collection of connected ‘Things’, the ability to connect different technologies to obtain a common goal become much more accessible. Within the transportation industry Ludian can bring this vision into a reality by layering datasets from functionally isolated systems to add value and performance. 

iot platforms

IoT Platforms

There are many organizations claiming they have a true IoT platform and it cannot always be fully realized until the solution has been deployed, leading to vendor lock-in and costly upgrades. Ludian has a history of working with clients to build data platforms across multiple transportation modes for both private and public entities. 

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Now we have the data what are we going to do with it, how do we make it work to our advantage? These and many other requirements can be realised. Ludian can help you answer these and how using AI and machine learning can improve performance and efficiency. 

dashboarding and kpi indicators

Dashboarding and KPI Indicators 

Ludian is adept at taking your data and displaying it so it is simple to understand progress and where the issues lay with key performance indicators (KPI). Organizations can lean on Ludian to exhibit important metrics that accurately explain how a project or organization is performing in real-time. 

Predictive Analytics

Ludian uses state of the art technology and systems to create real time models to predict the outcome based on real data inputs including traffic and pedestrian patterns. Utilize Ludian’s experts to make your roadways safer and more efficient.  

data management

Data Management

Creating the best data architecture can improve the performance of organizations and can quickly find areas for improvement. Ludian has a history of managing data across multiple transportation modes for both private and public entities. 

smart city integration

Smart City Integration

Being able to integrate IoT solutions into your organizations’ existing systems can be time saving and cost-effective. Ludian can develop strategies and programs to ensure that your data is safely and accurately integrated into your current standards. 

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