Government and Public Sector

Helping governments find the best way to plan for and implement tomorrow’s transportation technology. 

Ludian works closely with city, state, and federal governments to assist with any transportation needs they may need. We work with local transportation departments, traffic management centers, city governments, the chamber of commerce, and other public transportation groups. Our breadth of global experience gained in road, rail, and air transportation enables our clients to fast-track the next steps in embracing technology transformation.

Our experience and knowledge will move your project forward.

Government agencies are feeling the push to implement new technology and plan for a future in transportation that is unknown. How do you create a smart city when autonomous vehicles, new high-speed rail systems, and ride-sharing apps are changing transportation from day to day? That’s where Ludian comes in. Our extensive understanding of how cities, states, and governments work allows us to find the right solutions to the issues facing you now and in the future. That could mean we help you manage a short-term project, or it could mean we create an ongoing strategy for integrating autonomous vehicles into your city.

We offer a wide variety of transportation technology services.

We can work with you to develop policies, research and analyze transportation possibilities, manage and analyze your data, implement traffic management systems, and determine how you can best prepare for the future of transportation. The Ludian team will answer your transportation questions and problems, consult with you on your goals, recommend improved technology and processes, and help you implement the recommended changes. We value your time and capital, and we work hard to maximize it. Our expertise is as broad as the services we offer.

Compliance and ethics is at the heart of our business.

Ethics and compliance risk management is a service that is only truly valued when needed. When incidents happen, they can cause significant financial loss and reputational damage.

Through our Ethics Advisory Services (EAS), we work with you following an assessment to identify ethics risk opportunities that your organization may face. We then propose a solution based on your needs, not ours, and ensure that any solutions fit seamlessly into your organization, do not cause delays, and offer long-term protection. This practical approach has led to being selected to work in 16 countries working with governments and major international organizations in sectors such as infrastructure and construction, energy, utilities, and the transport and logistics sectors.    

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