Meet Marc Segal

Marc Segal

Marc has collaborated with innovators across the globe to help transform the way we move and enjoy our cities. Based in Austin, Marc has worked on one of the largest infrastructure projects in Central Texas, 1883 South. Marc has a passion for how mobility improves our quality of life in our urban environment and how these solutions can be developed with minimal impact to the natural environment. Mr. Segal has also served as the Director of Innovation for one of the largest engineering service firms in the US helping to deploy UAV-based capabilities to surveying, traffic analysis as well as asset inspection.

Having an engineering background in parallel with an understanding of the social impacts our transportation systems have, Marc’s career goal is to better cultivate our urban areas and transform the way we think and engage with our transportation systems. Mr. Segal been fortunate enough to work in three continents, has published work in connected and autonomous vehicle systems and has written online content featured in Forbes Online. Marc recently helped to produce a feature film shot in Kalispell, Montana and has volunteered his time with a local Austin inventor to advance a high-speed transportation solution.