Meet Dan Langford

Dan Langford

Dan has many years of experience evaluating innovation and managing technology strategy across multiple industries, including information technology and data communications, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, clean technologies, as well as transportation and advanced mobility.

Dan served as one of the authors of the autonomous vehicle legislation in Nevada that enabled the commercial deployment of driverless fleet. Other projects included the delivery of a global program to source cutting edge technologies to help improve safety, reduce congestion, and increase the capacity of Southern Nevada roadways. The outcome was the pilot through the deployment of technologies from startups and the development of a novel infrastructure-based LiDAR solution. The broader, unanticipated impact included the initiation of innovation offices in transportation-related local, regional, and state government agencies.

Dan spends his spare time trying to keep up with his toddler in the sports and entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas.